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Shows with genre science fantasy

  1. Adventure Time: Distant Lands

    on HBO Max is a science fantasy adventure comedy series

  2. Arcane

    on Netflix is a adult animated steampunk science fantasy series

  3. Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall

    on Hulu is a action science fantasy series

  4. Dragon Striker

    on Disney+ is a science fantasy comedy drama series

  5. Gen:Lock

    on HBO Max is a adult animated science fantasy series

  6. Infinity Train

    on HBO Max is a animated science fantasy mystery series

  7. Masters of the Universe: Revelation

    on Netflix is a science fantasy series

  8. The One Piece

    on Netflix is a adventure/science fantasy series

  9. The Twilight Zone

    is a science fantasy anthology series

  10. Warhammer 40,000

    on Amazon Prime Video is a science fantasy series