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When does Doctor Who: The Star Beast return?

Doctor Who: The Star Beast is a science fiction/adventure drama that originally aired on Disney+
Doctor Who is a British science fiction television series broadcast by the BBC since 1963. It depicts the adventures of an extraterrestrial being called the Doctor, part of a humanoid species called Time Lords. The Doctor travels in the universe and in time using a time-travelling spaceship called the TARDIS, which externally appears as a British police box. 14 actors have headlined the series as the Doctor since William Hartnell in 1963. The transition from one actor to another is written into the plot of the series with the concept of regeneration into a new incarnation.
The Doctor is a rogue Time Lord with somewhat unknown origins who goes by the name "the Doctor" The Doctor fled Gallifrey, the planet of the Time Lords, in a stolen TARDIS ("Time and Relative Dimension(s) in Space"), a time machine that travels by materialising into, and dematerialising out of, the time vortex. The Doctor rarely travels alone and is often joined by one or more companions on these adventures.
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