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When does 101 Dalmatians: The Series return?

101 Dalmatians: The Series is based on the 1961 Disney animated feature of the same name and its 1996 live-action remake. It aired from September 1, 1997 to March 4, 1998 on the Disney-Kellogg Alliance and ABC. It features the voices of Pamela Adlon, Debi Mae West, Kath Soucie and Tara Strong.
Unlike the original film but like the 1996 live-action film, the series is set in the United States in the 1990s, on the Dearly Farm. The show focuses primarily on three particular puppies; Lucky, TV addict leader and unconventional hero, Rolly, his fat cheerful laid-back and always-hungry brother, and Cadpig. The three siblings are often joined by Spot, a chicken who wants to be a dog and a member of the Bark Brigade.
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Where to watch 101 Dalmatians: The Series: